Our Team

ADAM: Owner; Georgetown, Kentucky

Adam started out his curiosity for woodworking at an early age during the mid 80's, making anything that he thought would be cool and create fun with his brothers. He mostly handled a jig saw, old corded drill, hammer and nails, with plywood and using scraps of pine 2x4s and other wood from a home remodel his family was working on. 

In those early days, for a young boy, design was not important, just that it worked out to create a fun environment. A lot of what was built was not much to look at and Mom didn't appreciate the eye sores in the back yard but it was functional and he sure had fun with his brothers and sisters.

One project he built with his brothers was a square ground fort with walls, a ladder to a roof hatch leading to the top lookout tower where they spent many hours having battles with neighborhood friends. He didn't know it at first but those memories and mental exercises in building would forge a love of woodworking, design and craftsmanship later in life.

From there Adam continued to make the occasional smaller project but really started to develop his passion after starting a family, building furniture for their home where practical use and design began to emerge. As they say, the rest is history!