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This was my first time dealing with a slab of this size at 8 feet long and between 32 to 43 inches wide depending on which end you measure, you’ll see here in a minute what I mean. I picked the slab up in Frankfort, Kentucky from Justin Rome, the owner and operator of Leeland Valley Wood Specialties, they sell huge live edge slabs like these along with rough sawn lumber and they also provide milling services. I will leave their info below in the description if you are in the area and your interested, go check them out. I improvised to get the slab out of my truck bed by using a flat all purpose furniture dolly for the opposite side and I think it worked out. The first big task was to epoxy in the cracks, off camera I mixed charcoal pigment into clear epoxy and took about a week to completely fill all the cracks I knew in order to flatten this slab I would need to build a larger work table to support the entire 8 feet, so I threw one together in a couple days and adjusted it to have a completely flat surface since I would be attaching my router sled directly to the table along with roughly 2 inch blocks from pine to raise the track. My router sled setup was not long enough for the entire slab so I had to improvise. I started by shifting the slab slightly off the edges since my sled track was in the middle but I noticed I was getting mixed results even with shims under my slab so I decided to slide the track up and down the table and keep the slab in place and that’s when I started getting excellent results so I routed until the first side was flat, and let me tell you, the first side was a tedious process. I then flipped it over and took care of the other side. The process made for a completely flat slab ready for the next steps. I was making this table for my friend Tammy and she wanted a complete rectangular table rather than the exposed live edge so I grabbed my track saw and ripped the edges off. After a lot of sanding off camera up to 320 grit I applied finish with the Fuji Semi-Pro sprayer and General Finishes Enduro Water based clear poly. I initially applied 5 coats top and bottom and applied 2 more after the hardware was installed. For the underside work, I started with C-Channel installation to prevent warping. I created a recess with my router so the channel would lay even with the bottom of the table. When it came time to install the black metal legs, I chose to maintain an accurate placement by applying blue painters tape so that I would be able to mark my lines. With the poly applied it’s harder to mark lines. The tape trick was excellent. Using the woodpeckers auto-line drill guide I was able to precisely drill holes for the threaded inserts and since the drill guide has a depth stop on it, I didn’t have to worry about driving through the table top. Once again, the tape trick also prevented any tear out in my drilled holes. After drilling the holes I used the single end counter sink to make the inserts go in a lot easier. I lined up the legs to the inserts and hand turned and tightened the screws for the first fit. As I mentioned earlier, I applied a few more coats of poly and reinstalled the legs and I was basically done. We drove the table to Tammy’s house and set it up in her dining room and she was beyond excited to get her table.

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►TOOLS & Materials USED:

Slab from Leeland Valley Wood Specialties Justin Rome (502) 229-4848 Frankfort KY

Lufkin L625SCTMP Orange Power Return Tape -

Makita SP6000J 6-1/2-Inch Plunge Circular Saw-

Makita Track Saw Guide Rail-

Fuji Spray Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System-

Mixing Mate Paint Lid – Gallon Size Paint Can Pour Spout-

General Finishes Enduro Water Based Clear Poly, 1 Gallon, Satin-

Makita Cordless Router-

Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel 2-tool Combo Kit with One-Key-

Single End Counter Sink Bit-

40 Pack Threaded Inserts-

Black Fastner Bolts for Inserts-

Woodpeckers Auto-Line Drill Guide-

Milwaukee Angle Grinder-

Lenox Metal Max Diamond edge disk-

WoodPeckers Precision Woodworking tools 1281R Woodworking square -

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools TS-32-2 T-Square, 32-Inch -

Wood Is Good WD205 Mallet, 18-Ounce -

Grizzly Drill Press:

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